When it comes to getting the best message across, the right words are important. Mongrel Creative can help you give your ideas form; short, or long. We can also review and edit your existing copy and whip it into shape. Below are a couple of samples so have a read, then contact us to get Mongrel started on some wonderful words for you.

“Chasing the Dream” Coast Magazine

“It is fair to say that Heath Brinsley’s first experience on a motorcycle was a dramatic one. Aged 7 on board a neighbours Pee Wee 50, Heath broke free of his mother and ploughed into the backyard clothesline at full speed. Undeterred by the crash, Heath was hooked on motorcycles from that time on.

As a teenager, Heath’s passion for motorcycle racing grew. His first after school job funded the purchase of a second-hand dirt bike but his appetite for speed and competition was not satisfied and he turned his focus to the dream of becoming a road racer.

Upon joining a motorcycle racing club, Heath literally called every member on the clubs list to find a mentor and guide to help him get started. That search led him to Kevin Higgs, a successful club racer who took Heath under his wing and helped him find his first 250cc race bike – a bike paid for by Heath with every cent of savings from his job as an apprentice glazier.

In 1999, Heath had his first experience of road racing on the Phillip Island track. It could be called a baptism of fire with Heath crashing 16 times in his first year but the experience only served to fuel his competitive fire and drive.

“Getting on that bike, on that track, at those speeds; it was absolutely the scariest thing I had ever done, but it was amazing and I was hooked. I wore one suit of leathers for the whole season and it survived all 16 crashes with no repairs. I’ll be keeping that suit forever”.

The next decade saw Heath progress from 250cc racing to his current class of 1000cc Superstock in the Australian Superbike Championships. Throughout this time, he faced the challenge of not only being competitive on the track, but also that of finding funding to keep the dream alive.

“I don’t fear the speed or getting hurt, but I do fear having a crash with so much at stake. A crash feels like it goes on forever with everything in slow motion – you are sliding and watching the bike roll and cartwheel.  While this happens, I’m thinking, “Can I fix the bike, can I fix the bike?”.

Heath is not one to let a challenge get in the way of his dream and continues to fund his racing career with a full-time glazing business and the sponsor support of fellow racers, family and friends in the business of bikes, who recognise his determination and endeavour to help him in any way they can in a challenging economic climate.

Haydn Jones runs iMoto, a motorcycle parts and accessories shop in San Remo and is one of Heath’s closest friends and sponsorship supporters.

“It is early days for iMoto and we are working really hard to build our business and get our name out into the marketplace. We support Heath in every way that we can but what we get back from him is so much more. He is so motivated, dedicated and professional and takes every opportunity to promote iMoto and his other sponsors. If we had more we would give more and there is no doubt that it is a good return on the investment. As our business grows, so will the support we will give to Heafy.”

There is no doubting Heath’s determination and his current ranking is evidence of his talent and competitive drive, especially as he is racing as a privateer. Heath is already looking towards the 2011 season and is aiming to ride in the Australian Superbike Premier division.

“You definitely need money in this sport. A lot of racers families have mortgaged their houses to keep them racing. It’s a full-time job for me to keep racing and I only do that with the support of my family and the sponsors I have.  It’s easier when you are on a team, but as a privateer I’m still winning races and that is an amazing feeling.  If I can land a big sponsorship deal and really focus on my racing, the sky is the limit.”

Heath is currently leading the Superstock 1000 B Championship and will be racing at Phillip Island in round five of the Australian Superbike Championships 10 – 12 September.”

“Designs for an award-winning lifestyle” Coast Magazine

“For Ashley and Esme Beaumont, a passion for environmentally friendly living definitely starts at home. Both born and raised in Wonthaggi, their childhood family homes are within a block of each other and the two met through the local football club. The couple headed to Melbourne for university studies and work opportunities for several years before returning to raise their own family in the area they know and love.

“This area and the lifestyle, it’s great for our family. On Christmas Day, the kids can run between Grandparents houses, and when we’re not working we can take the family to the beach. That’s one of the biggest reasons we came back and we are definitely here to stay.”

The couple own Beaumont Concepts, a growing business that has developed organically from its inception around 2000 with business ranging from renovations through to major residential and commercial projects. The seed for Ashley’s design vision was planted when he commenced work experience with a Wonthaggi building designer as a teenager. Many years of study and experience built in a diverse range of work in the building design field followed before Ashley took the step and started Beaumont Concepts. From a one-person home based business, Beaumont Concepts continues to grow in size and reputation and now incorporates several full-time staff and display offices in Wonthaggi and Cowes.

The ever-present balancing element of family prevails throughout, with Esme tackling the marketing and promotion of the business (in addition to her full-time role to the couple’s three young children), Ashley’s Mum helping out with administration and Dad maintaining the landscape gardens at the Wonthaggi display office.

The Beaumont family home in San Remo puts into perfect practice the design and eco principles that are at the core of all Beaumont Concepts projects. Proving the success of the design, the home won Beaumont Concepts the 2010 HIA Building Designer of the Year award for the South Eastern Region and is now in line for the Victorian award. This accolade is added to a collection of prestigious awards Beaumont Concepts have received, including the BDAV award winning house for 2008 and 2010.

While not a small house, Ashley and Esme have created a stylish, modern family home that maximises the value of every area and space without losing the classic feeling of ‘home’. It is a house that not only accommodates all the needs of the young Beaumont family but also incorporates an array of eco-focussed design and construction components, including solar powered hot water, three 3,000 litre water tanks and automatic garden systems.

“In some ways, it feels like a contradiction to the eco-principle to have a two-storey house with a lot of rooms but we use every millimeter of space. It’s a good thing to show that you can have a house that fits your lifestyle and still go green.”

A key factor in all Beaumont Concepts projects is the refinement of the principles that will educate and help clients reduce their environmental footprint. While all Beaumont projects exceed the highest industry standard of sustainability in design, construction and function, Ashley, inspired by local conditions and the sharp focus on sustainability of precious water and other natural resources has clarified the key ingredients of his work into a new creative eco building concept – ecoliv.

ecoliv is a prefabricated modular building design, developed over many years and drawing on a wealth of experience and research, that is dedicated to green. It is a refinement of design, materials and construction principles that will help home owners reduce their footprint and also reduce running costs.

The ecoliv homes are compact and functional with a fresh, modern design and offer a huge range of standard inclusions and adaptations to the floorplan. A 1.62kw solar power system and 10,000 litre water tank are standard with each module with an array of optional extras include water recycling systems, composting toilets, worm farms and wind power systems.

“There are other companies that do similar houses but they’re based on the other side of the city and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to provide something for this side of town.”

While inspired by and designed to suit this region, ecoliv has much broader, even global applications and enquiries are now coming from across Australia and internationally. It is certainly proof that living in a regional area is no hindrance to producing world-class, award-winning designs and projects. The Beaumont’s lifestyle and business definitely fits the ‘think global, act local’ maxim.

“People are definitely becoming more aware. Visitors come to the region for a holiday and see the Ecoliv concept and can see that it would work for them in their own suburb. We can provide something that is unique and green and tailored to suit the home owner’s personal needs.””